How We Work?

Digital Intellect is not a freelancing platform so you don’t have to waste time on choosing the best talent. We have got you covered. 

At Digital Intellect our goal is to deliver the result you need that is fit for purpose and at the right price.

Tell us what you need?

You focus on the result you want and let us worry about how to make it happen.

You simply submit an obligation free request online, telling us what you need to get done, when you need it done by, how you want it done and provide a suggested budget.

We understand that some requests will be big and complex like projects whilst others will require a quick fix to a problem you might be stuck on. Irrespective of what it is, we are here for you.

Review and quote for your approval

We will review your request for a solution that will meet your needs and budget. If there is a need, we will organise a free consultation to understand your needs better.

We will provide you with an obligation free quote including profiles of the experts we will assign to your job.

When you have accepted our quote, you can start to contact your assigned experts and integrate them into your team to get your job started.

Job done and reviewed with you

Delivering a quality job is important to us. Our experts are employed by Digital Intellect and we continuously invest in their development through training and reviews.

You will be supported at every step of your job. Our customer success specialists are available to help at any point. 

Whilst our experts usually work remotely, they will seamlessly integrate themselves into your team and systems. 

All work will be reviewed with you on completion to ensure you are satisfied with the result.


Secure and simple payments

We offer daily, hourly or fixed price payment options. All work activities for each of our experts are computer and time tracked.

We offer invoicing on time. Milestone or job completion and payments are released on your acceptance of the completed work.

Once your job is completed, you can provide feedback and rate your experience.