What is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate high volume, rule-based and repetitive tasks otherwise performed by humans.

It is a technology that allows anyone to configure computer software or robots to mimic the actions of human users.

"Automation can be carried out at just 1/5th of the cost of onshore operations and 1/3rd of the cost of offshore delivery."

How is RPA relevant?

RPA is the technology every organisation needs. It is very different from traditional IT solutions. Easy to set up and get running in a few days, these robots seamlessly integrate into any system. RPA allows organisations to automate at a fraction of the cost and time that they spend otherwise on the same tasks.

Increase Sales Revenue with Personalised Recommendations
Discover your customer's preferences and purchasing behaviours to personalise and match your offerings to their exact needs.
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Use a ChatBot to provide immediate answers to customer inquiries 24 x 7 x 365.
Increase Product and Service Quality
Automate your inspection processes with artificial intelligence to reduce defects and quality issues.
Reduce Operating Costs
RPA significantly reduces the time spent by employees on repetitive tasks, so that they can focus on strategy.
Build a Competitive Edge
RPA enables companies to plan and execute technology on an enterprise-wide basis, integrate siloed departments, help create business value and build competitive advantage.

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What we do

We enable you to configure software robots that emulate and integrate the actions of human beings within digital systems. RPA robots also capture data arising from all possible interactions for you to view. These robots never sleep and help automate hundreds of annual tasks at very low cost and in a matter of seconds.



Digital Workforce Strategy

Access digital workforce strategies that will automate manual processes and free up your people for more value-added activities.

Automation Workshops

Learn to achieve higher levels of service quality while operating at a fraction of the time and cost than your competition with automation.

Automation Assessments

Identify and prioritise the opportunities to optimise your operations through automation through an assessment of your processes and operating models.

Automation Governance

Build and sustain quality automated processes with a pragmatic governance framework whilst ensuring security and compliance.

Performance Reviews

Monitor and review the performance of automated processes and projects including the tracking benefits delivered and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.


Process Identification & Analysis

Our business analysts perform detail reviews of current processes for complexity and automation feasibility including the development of detailed requirements.

Design & Architecture

Our solution architects and analyst can redesign your processes for automation and architect solutions based on UiPath, Microsoft and Python automation technologies.

Development & Testing

Our developers can build your automation solution, or we can review and test your own solutions for issues and monitor for bugs.

Review, Setup & Deploy

Access experts to support your automation selection process, setup your automation infrastructure or migrate and deploy automation solutions into production environments.

On-Demand Resources

Ensure your automations are successful by supplementing your team with our automation business analyst, architects, engineers, and support team.

Project Management & Support

Automation projects can lead to operating model changes which can be dealt with our technological and business transformation capabilities.

Managed Services

Automation as a Service

Establish secure and scalable automation for your business for an affordable and flexible monthly fee based on transactions processed with no project, hosting or licence costs.

Automation Centre of Excellence

Access your virtual on-demand team who will design, build, monitor and support your business automation solutions.

Automation Management

Continuously monitor robot performance and workflow errors, track system changes and update automated processes as needed.

Microsoft Power Automate

Free your users from the mundane with user-driven automation platform to eliminate repetitive manual tasks, make processes paperless, act in real-time with notification or easily move data between systems.

Microsoft Power Apps

Empower your users to quickly and easily build custom and feature-rich business apps without writing code using a unified, scalable platform which can operate standalone or fully integrate with other Office 365 applications and services.

Microsoft Logic Apps

Accelerate your digital journey with integration between apps, data, systems, enterprise applications automating operations and connect all aspects of your business digitally.


A leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enterprise solutions for discovering, building, managing, running and measuring the automation of business operations and processes.

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