What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the simulation of cognitive processes by machines. This means using algorithms with big data to act, learn, reason, and self-correct during digital and human interactions.

A.I. technologies allow business to innovate and transform how they operate, enhance their product features and expand their service offerings.

A.I. technologies include natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, intelligence agents (bots); and emotion, speech and facial recognition.

The global artificial intelligence software market is forecast to grow by over 12 times by 2025.
Market research firm Tractica
Artificial Intelligence Market Forecasts 2019

How is Artificial Intelligence relevant?

The world has become increasingly connected with larger volumes of data to process in shorter periods of time. People are expecting to receive more value and have access 24/7. To meet these demands businesses need to automate process and the interactions with people with intellect processes beyond regular and routine work.  

Increase Sales Revenue with the Right Offer at the Right Time
Discover your customer's preferences and purchasing behaviours to personalise and match your offerings to their exact needs.
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Use smart assistants to provide immediate answers to customer inquiries 24 x 7 x 365.
Reduce Costs
Reduce handling times and cost of errors from manual processes involving large volumes of data and multiple systems.
Improve Security and Detect Fraud
Continuously scan and analyse events and transactions in real-time to predict and identify threats and compliance breaches.

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What we do

We help you to deliver improve operations and productivity through the practical implementation of artificial technology technologies. Get access to our A.I experts and frameworks, so you can quickly innovate and develop new ways to operate and grow your business.


A.I. Strategy

Move beyond uncertainty and skepticism of A.I with strategies and road-maps with supporting business cases.

A.I. Workshops

Demystify the concept of artificial intelligence with A.I. workshops that demonstrates the use of A.I. in your industry and Identify pragmatic A.I. opportunities to reinvent your operating model.

A.I. Assessments

Understand where you currently stand in your A.I. journey and your current performance or assess your readiness and analyse your processes to leverage A.I.

A.I. Governance

Establish fit for purpose policies and procedures to deliver responsible A.I. solution, ensuring accountability, and transparency, which are human-centric and free of biases.


Intelligent Agents & Chatbots

Develop conversational solutions across multiple channels to automate and personalise communication with customers or employees.

Text, Voice & Image Recognition

Design, build and integrate AI recognition capabilities into processes requiring the interruption or moderation of text, voice and images in real-time or in large volumes that are costly as manual processes.

Natural Language Processing

Access, process, organise and interrupt unstructured content for integration with chatbots, intelligent search and question answering systems to sentiment and predictive analysis.

Predict trends, patterns and behaviours

Collaborate with our data scientists to experiment and build your machine learning, statistical and analytical models and leverage our ML engineers to implement your models.

On-Demand Resources

Supplement your team with our data scientists, machine learning and software engineers to help you with small experiments, proof of concepts or AI projects.

Project Management & Support

Overcome the practical implementation challenges of AI with specialised project managers who will help you navigate through your first AI project or initiative.

Managed Services

A.I. Operations Centre

Get guidance and support by your own virtual on-demand AI team to meet your needs from concept to ongoing support of your AI solutions.

A.I. Management

Access on-demand experts to build and update your AI models as needed.

A.I. Administration

Monitor, deploy and administer your A.I. models by assistance from our in-house experts.

Language Understanding

Improve customer interactions and employee engagement with self-service solutions which communicate and interact with users in natural language to interpret needs, provide information and complete tasks.


Build and connect intelligent bots with your customers and people across multiple devices and channels to answer questions in real-time or help complete transactions with your organisation.

Microsoft Cognitive Services

Automate and personalise your business operations with a comprehensive portfolio of domain-specific artificial intelligence capabilities, which can see, hear, speak, search, understand, and accelerate decision-making.

Machine Learning

Build, train and deploy machine learning models using statistical techniques to enhance your business insights, predict behaviours for targeted offers and identify anomalies for fraud detection.

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