What is Analytics?

Analytics is the conversion of data into actionable insights. Organisations have access to a lot of data from internal and external sources, but they often do not know how to use that data to drive value. Analytics help organisations analyse their current data, develop a strong data foundation and monetise that data and optimise business performance.

Advanced analytics helps businesses read historical data, understand trends and predict the future. Be it every interaction with a customer or every financial transaction, analytics helps track and understand the reason behind occurrences.

By 2025, more than a quarter of all data created will be real-time
IDC Data Age 2020

How is Analytics relevant?

Analytics comes with a promising potential of using data to gain competitive advantage. With the help of analytics, organisations can understand business patterns and trends, get information in real time, hedge against future volatility, respond faster to changes, make better decisions and improve customer and employee’s engagement levels.

Drive Your Growth with Predictive Analytics
With the right analytics you can move beyond analysing the past to understanding business patterns and trends.
Turn Your Data into an Asset
Automate the collection and preparation of large volumes of data from many sources.
Improve the Accuracy of Your Decisions
Transform your data into meaningful insights that aids decision making in real-time.
Improve Your Customers Satisfaction
Use analytics to understand past interactions, mitigate against potential mistakes and fill in knowledge gaps.

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What we do

We help you get real-time insights from your data through advanced analytics. With access to our data experts and frameworks, you can process all the information around you instantly, make faster decisions, drive innovation and optimise business performance using the data you already own. 




Become a data-driven organisation and turn data into assets with analytical strategies and road-maps with supporting business cases.


Overcome the challenges of delivering actionable insights with industry-specific workshops demonstrating how to fully leverage your data and analytics for better performance.

Health Check / Diagnostic

Understand how you are performing as a data-driven organisation against industry benchmarks and identify opportunities to enhance decision making, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Data Governance

Protect your business while empowering your people with fit for purpose governance framework that ensures the security and integrity of your data whilst meeting compliance requirements.

Big Data

Navigate the complexities and costs of delivering big data solutions with pragmatic and commercial architectured and scalable solutions to deliver improved real-time decision making.


Build Reports & Dashboards

We can either work with you to build out your requirements or take them to build out reports in one of the many technology stacks we support.

Automate Data Processes

Automate the collection and processing of data from any source triggered by schedules, on demand or by event, including the cleaning, validation and enrichment of your data.

Data Warehousing

We help your business achieve a single source of truth that reflects its processes and terminology, by designed, built and implemented by our team of experts.

Advanced Analytics

Improve business performance with real-time and predictive analyse designed, built and implemented by our team of experts.

On-Demand Resources

Solve your capacity and skill gaps issues by accessing our data engineers and architects, BI analysts and data scientists.

Project Management & Support

Improve the success of your data and analytics projects with access to specialised project managers and their playbooks and frameworks.

Managed Services

Analytics Centre of Excellence

Access your virtual on-demand team to design, build, monitor and support all your data and analytics needs from strategy to ongoing maintenance.

Reports & Dashboard Management

Access the right experts to build and update your reports and dashboards.

Data Warehouse Management

Create, maintain and administer a single source of truth for all your data needs.

Data Lake

Build your data assets by centralising structured and unstructured data together and using advanced analytic tools and mining software to develop actionable insights or integrated into apps and business operations.

Information Management

Capture and share knowledge between functions and business areas, increase the potential to develop better insights and act in real-time by using a data catalogue, implementing a data factory, establishing an event hub.

Microsoft Dataflow

Leverage Microsoft’s data prep and storage tool to self-service the collection, storage and modelling of your data, making it easier for you to automate from data sources to Power BI dashboards seamlessly.

Power Query

Stop spending 80% of your time preparing your data and delaying decisions by leveraging this self-service data transformation and preparation engine to discover, connect, combine, and refine data to enhance your analytics.

SQL Data Warehouse

Enhance business insights with a unified experience to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data using the freshest data possible from your operational systems and the most advanced security and privacy features on the market.

Microsoft Power BI

Gain deeper data insights with easy and self-service analytics that will connect and visualise any of your data using a unified, scalable platform for SME and enterprise business intelligence (BI).

Microsoft Stream Analytics

Gain real-time insights into your operations, trigger actions or initiate workflows with real-time data streaming that can process millions of events every second and simultaneously from multiple sources including devices, sensors, social media feeds, and applications.


Simplify raw data into easily understandable formats and quickly build dashboard and worksheet visualisations into actionable insights using dragged and dropped capabilities.

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